Risk Management

We specialise in risk management solutions to help organisations meet regulatory compliance, corporate governance and better practice risk management requirements.

Risks exist in every business, so managing risk is an important part of managing your business and essential to good corporate governance.  By understanding risks, organisations can take steps to control, take advantage, mitigate or transfer the risks to control their risk exposure.

Business Assurance Australia specialises in risk management solutions.  From helping you develop a risk management framework or strategy, we help make your enterprise governance framework more robust and relevant.

We understand risk management in its totality.

Whether you want to adopt the ‘new’ International Standard on Risk Management (ISO 31000:2009) based upon the Australian and New Zealand Risk Management Standard (AS/NZS 4360), the new COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework or you just want help complying with either the ASIC and/or Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, we are here to support you.

Risk Management services include:
Ø        Enterprise Risk Management Consulting
Ø        Strategic Risk Management
Ø        Operational Risk Management
Ø        Tactical Risk Management
Ø        Project Risk Management
Ø        Risk Management Awareness and Training
Ø        Fraud Risk Management Assessment
Ø        Fraud and Ethics Awareness and Training
Ø        Fraud Control Planning