Looking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business continuity framework, procedures and application?

 The Need for Business Continuity Management - How We Can Help You

 The most important reason for business continuity management is to ensure you can continue through, and recover from, an interruption that could threaten your business.  That’s why, your Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework is an important management tool designed to increase your resilience to a range of plausible disruption scenarios from internal or external risks.

 What are your key business activities and how long could you survive in the event of a disruption to them?

 Business Continuity Management services

 Business Assurance Australia understands the importance of business continuity management and planning.  We help you:

 Ø    evaluate the effectiveness of your current Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework, existing Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and recovery plans and identify opportunities for improvement (including undertaking of Gap Analysis and Business Impact Analysis);

 Ø    assist in the design, development and implementation of a BCP and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) appropriate to your organisation; and

 Ø    assist in the design, development and implementation of tailored awareness, training and testing of the BCP.