About Us

In addition to being recognised as a leader in Australasia and a key adviser to both public and private sector organisations, our staff has been independently recognised among the world's pre-eminent risk and assurance providers.

Our success is based on sticking to what we are good at – Risk Management, Resilience, Business Improvement, Assurance and Business Continuity related assignments – and the values that drive our behaviour: integrity and trust; enduring relationships; balance; and excellence.

Ø    With integrity and trust, we are talking about being honest, constructive, fair and ethical.

 Ø    Enduring relationships grow out of working together with people and organisations whose values are compatible with our own.

Whether you are a global multinational or an innovative local business or government entity, our commitment to helping you and ensuring we are accessible, responsive and empathetic to your needs remains the same.

 Ø    By balance, we mean respecting the diverse contributions and the needs of the individual outside work.

 Ø   And excellence, put simply, is about passionately being the best in everything we do.